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When I was thinking about what to name this company, I thought about maybe “Stellar Senior Services” because that is what I wanted to offer…but that would have been about me. I chose “The Stellar Senior” because that is what I want for you. My entire career has been about serving those I want to help. I want you to feel more confident and comfortable, more able, and more secure in your abilities and body to do what matters most to you now and in the future. I want you to understand and move your bodies as they relate to function at a higher level so you can be more proactive about managing your wellness. I want you to feel you have more control over your future because knowledge is power. So let’s empower ourselves together…



Key to function, pain related issues, incontinence, and balance. Let us help you get in sync with your body with improved awareness, retraining, and restoration of improved alignment.


A key element of wellness for all, easily improved for most. Let us show you how!


Impaired posture, balance, diminished strength, stamina, and pain related issues impact function. These performance components can be elevated with training and help optimize function and comfort.

Fall Prevention

Elevating performance components such as strength, stamina, posture, and balance, and reducing pain can help make us better on our feet. Risk reduction with skilled environmental modifications can also be essential for elevating safety.

Pain Reduction

Education, postural and movement mechanics retraining, reducing soft tissue restrictions, and therapeutic taping can all contribute to improved comfort and function.

Senior Wellness

Education to increase awareness for optimal function and safety is so empowering. Wellness information provided individually during all sessions and offered in class format as well.

Home Safety

Many considerations contribute to safe functioning within the home and many of them are not obvious.

Furniture and Equipment

Choices such as height, firmness, depth, placement, etc. and a host of other potential issues all contribute to function particularly when strength and balance have deteriorated. One inch makes a difference in more than football and Brady isn’t the only one that knows that the right level of pressure matters. Proper equipment recommendations can also help re-establish higher levels of function and safety.

Objective Assessments

Pre and Post intervention standardized assessments taken as appropriate to reflect gains made in balance, strength, range, coordination, pain, or cognition so progress levels can be objectively determined and baselines can be determined to monitor for changes in the future.

Professional Advice

Professional opinion offered regarding management of Aging in Place versus alternative housing. Occupational Therapists are excellent at assessing performance components of tasks required for daily function, determining what can be improved or compensated for, and when alternative support may be required.

Vital responses to activity

Vitals are taken at rest and during high risk daily activities such as during position changes, prolonged standing, and elevated activity, or following medication changes to ensure proper responses and management.

Social Engagement Training

Elevating social engagement improves cognitive skills and quality of life.

Professional Experience

Michelle is an Occupational Therapist with 25 years’ experience working with seniors and demonstrates a passion for helping them achieve their wellness goals. Occupational therapists are experts at identifying elements of function required for success with every day activities and elevating these performance components or devising compensations to enhance performance. Michelle instructed in strength and fitness training at the collegiate level, but has focused the majority of her career in functional fitness and wellness for seniors. She has worked in numerous rehabilitation settings with the goal of achieving optimal independence, comfort, and safety. She is the author of the newly published book "Be Your Super Self", a book filled with wellness information for those of all ages with a particular focus on benefiting seniors. Improved postural control, functional strength, balance, body awareness, pain management, injury and fall prevention, wellness education, and compensatory strategies for functional challenges are her career focus and goals for her clients.


Initial Consultation

Free initial consultation offered to determine appropriate services. Significant benefit can be achieved in just one visit. Functional "tune ups"are a proactive, cost effective wellness measure that can improve daily activity performance or help prevent future challenges.

$44 per session

Within 15 minutes of skilled service provider

$49 per session

15 - 30 Minutes from skilled service provider

$59 per session

Between 31 - 40 minutes from skilled service provider

Classroom Wellness
Fees Vary

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